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Cheap Holiday

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Friday, June 17, 2005

Hell, maybe Arianna Huffington is good for something after all...

It seems that a guest blogger on Arianna Huffington's site has taken up the good cause of an oppressed woman in Pakistan. Once you read the entire article, perhaps you will consider it a good cause too. If so, I challenge my fellow bloggers to also post Mukhtaran Bibi's (or Mukhtar Mai, as she is also known) story of courage.

NOTE: A news item from the last 24 hours indicates that Bibi has been cleared free for travel, but I see no problem in advocating continued pressure, because you never know when a government is going to change its mind.

At this point, I just want it known that nothing chaps my hide more than the oppression of women and children. I personally think it is possible and fully within the realm of reality for a country to have a conservative religious culture that does not necessarily sanction the gang-raping or honor killing of women. I think any such policy is an affront to any religion that is based on the concept of compassion, as Islam is supposed to be. Such actions are not the fault of the religion, but the result of cruel, cold-hearted people who contort the religion to justify their horrors.


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