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Cheap Holiday

Welcome to a cheap holiday in my life. At least you get to go home at the end of the day!

Thursday, July 31, 2003

Well, if nothing else, I guess I'm good for a laugh.

I went to kettlebell class this past Tuesday night. It was a good class, though my instructor has the unfortunate habit of talking waaaaay too much at the end, when all I want to do is go home to collapse. So by the time he finished talking, I was cooled down and feeling kinda energetic. After everyone left the mat room, I remember how much I enjoyed dance classes and wish I had the cash to do that again (I might take up flamenco after the first of the new year). So I decide to do a little spin in the mat room and go to perform a little pirouetting jump.

Bad move.

I feel my toes on the landing foot curl under me and to one side, and audibly hear a ligament in my ankle CRRAAAAAAAAACCCKKK. I've heard that sound before, when I tore some fascia in a calf muscle two years ago. Let's just say you never want to hear any of your body parts rending.

Luckily, I was alone when I performed this supremely dumbass maneouver, the better not to be publically embarrassed, my dear. I lie on the mat, gripping my ankle for a few minutes, then manage to get to my feet. The ankle took the weight gimpily. I limped home and immediately RICE'd (rest-ice-compression-elevation). God love an ACE bandage.

Today, two days later, one side of the ankle is a touch bruised and still swollen and warm to the touch. I can walk without limping and even flex and point the foot without pain. So, it's either a minor stress fracture or a small ligament tear. Co-workers are looking at me aghast as if to say "Why haven't you gone to the doctor?" Well, all the doc is going to do is take a couple of x-rays and say "Hey, it's either a stress fracture or a small ligament tear. Here's a scrip for 800 MG tabs of ibuprofen (wheeeee, thanksabunch Doc), now quit fooling around in the gym like a dumbass."

I'm just pissed cause I had every good intention of going to a white belt jiu jitsu class this weekend and now that's screwed. I'll probably even miss kettlebell class next Tuesday. Which means I can't eat anything for two weeks, cause I'll just pork up if I can't exercise. AND I can't wear heels for the next two weeks either.

Remember kiddies: dance studios are for dancing.


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