a Cheap Holiday

Cheap Holiday

Welcome to a cheap holiday in my life. At least you get to go home at the end of the day!

Sunday, December 30, 2001

The dinner party Harbourwoman and I hosted last night was a lovely success and the video captured by a fellow partygoer should provide much blackmail material for years to come! As usual, HW and I cooked entirely too much food that will be snacked on for days to come. Jackpot - Raleigh's newest and even somewhat posh addition to the bar circuit - was most enjoyable and I tried not to make too much of a scene with my new boots. Karma is quite a bitch sometimes, though. My ankles are most unhappy today, not to mention my poor hungover noggin. At least I had a chance to provide The Hebruiser with a doggie bag from the party, which he had to miss to work the door at the club.

I finally got a chance to see Kali before she blew out of town again. She gave me the most lovely Christmas presents, I can't thank her enough. She really knows how to shop for me and I sometimes feel so woefully inadequate when I shop for her. She's so stylish and smart, I wish I could just give her a million dollars to go buy me things. It wouldn't even matter what she bought, because I know it would all be so fabulous anyways.

One of my friends said he felt '02 was going to be a good year. Well, I hope to hell so. 2001 wasn't flat out awful for me, but it had its share of boy-trauma I coulda done without. Thankfully, the Clueless Ghost of Christmas Past only reared his head briefly during this trip and quickly faded away. My New Year's Resolutions for '02 would be led by the desire to keep in better touch with all my family and friends. I sometimes bitch and moan about how my best posses are in Raleigh or SF or DC and why don't I have that in Philly yet? I have a couple of wonderful girlfriends in Philly and several acquaintances, but it just feels different and I'm not sure why. It just seems hard to meet someone around my age in Philly who has kind of the crazed spirit that I do. It's just a different dynamic and sometimes compared even to Raleigh it feels a tad, uh, I don't know, I'd hate to say "geriatric," but I'm not finding a more compelling adjective at this point.

Many thanks to Dreamboy for helping me provide Miz Rachel with something she had been searching for, her very own copy of Keith Richards' version of "Run Run Rudolph." It was nice of DB to handle the logistics on something that ended up making me look like a great friend (when I didn't really do anything).

I know I'm not always the best friend to have. I sometimes give into my hermit side and am slow to return phone calls or emails. Sometimes I try too hard to fix everyone else when I really should look at what needs fixing inside myself. Sometimes I make decisions based too much on my heart or sometimes I make decisions based too much on my head and when I reverse a decision it appears I'm being wildly contradictory, when actually I'm just struggling towards a balance. I know I've been too judgemental with my brother and we're trying to find common ground on which to continue our relationship. I've probably considered myself first, before considering the needs of others. It just sucks having to come back down to Earth, but I guess we all have to at some point.


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