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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Another year, another Ball

November 19 was the date for this year's Diabolique
Ball and once again, a fine time was had by most.
Well, I was volunteering this year, which isn't always
a barrel of monkeys. You get in for free, but then
you're expected to work some. ACG got
roped into stage managing. She had not originally been
thrilled by this prospect, as she knows full well the
stage show for Diabolique is not run with the same
level of professionalism to which she holds herself. I
told her to embrace the chaos. That and drink as much
as possible. Overall, I think both she and Hot Hot
Scottie Johnson and Msss April did fine jobs
directing, presenting, and emceeing the show.

One of the fund-raising activities during the evening
is the Liberty Bears Lockdown, wherein for $5 you can
have large, hairy gay men "arrest and detain" the
unsuspecting party attendee of your choice. If the
detainee is not so into the whole thing, they are free
to bail themselves out for another $5. As
Littlelethrgirl was this year's volunteer coordinator,
I felt she was probably in need a little break, so I
had her arrested. She bitched and moaned, but went
along quietly when I fed her some of my cocktail in
the hoosegow. Afterwards, of course, she felt the need
to retaliate and sent the large, hairy gay men after
me! I resisted arrest briefly, but then willingly
turned myself in. I even got some action in the joint,
by cropping a willing and lovely young lady.

After I got sprung, I was approached in the bathroom
by a lovely young lady who was wearing a sort of
demented Raggedy-Ann sort of getup (this year's Ball
had a circus theme). She informed me that her Master
wanted me to "warm her up for him." Ahh well, this
required a formal introduction, of course, after
which, I proceeded to give the little vixen a good
spanking in the hallway. And people wonder why I don't
enjoy going to regular dance clubs more often.

When the party shut down at 3:30am, ACG and I made an
unplanned, but thoroughly enjoyable, stop by the
Mid-town Diner for some eggs and other breakfasty
food. Frankly, she just wanted a reason to wear her
clown nose out in public and as long as there was hash
browns in front of me, I was happy to enable her.


  • At 4:33 PM, Blogger ACG said…

    Luckily I didn't make an attempt to remove the clown nose before getting home.
    The glue left a funky residue. I thought I could wash it off with face wash, but all I succeeded in doing was adding the white fluff to the bits of glue left on my nose.
    I was to sleepy to fight with it. so I went to sleep... and so how in the morning (ok, late afternoon) when I woke up, all the fluff and glue were gone.


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