a Cheap Holiday

Cheap Holiday

Welcome to a cheap holiday in my life. At least you get to go home at the end of the day!

Friday, July 04, 2003

The targeted ads that now appear on the free version of Blogger just tickle the piss outta me. I'm assuming it does a text search of the most recent entry and then pulls ads based on a keyword match. The previous ads for the Eroscillator were a hoot (I'm sure they'll appear again, now that I've specifically mentioned it by name).

Down in North Carolina for the holiday weekend. So far, I managed to avoid eating huge amounts of sugary or bready treats, which is good, given that I'm still about big as a house. I had managed to work up to a solid 4 hours of exercise a week before the holiday. Once I return to the regular routine, I plan to push towards 6 hours a week and go ahead and get a jiu jitsu membership. I always feel better emotionally and mentally when I'm kicking ass regularly.


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