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Cheap Holiday

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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Talk about your bizarre turns in conversation and party ideas...

A friend of mine is stage managing a new play which will be employing copious amounts of staged bodily fluids. The difficulty is that the stage blood and cum have to be edible as well. In most cases, stage blood and cum can be easily and cheaply produced, but typically using inedible ingredients. So she and I were on the phone brainstorming this issue:

Her: "OK...usually you use Ivory dishwashing soap for cum, but the actor is going to lick it off his hands and we don't want to give him the trots."

Me: "Hmmmmm...have you thought about whipping up some egg whites?"

"Nice idea...but there's a storage issue. We don't want to give the actor salmonella."

"Good point. How about coconut milk?"

"I've been thinking about corn syrup whipped up with some powdered sugar."

"That's really going to be hell to clean up afterwards. And I would still try mixing up some coconut milk in it, cause cum is slightly opaque, you know."

"Hell, it's been so long since I've seen the stuff personally, I can't remember what it looks like."

"I think this calls for a 'experimenting with fake body fluid recipes' party!"

"Yeah, and we have to invite the boys, cause they're the experts in what this stuff looks like."

Voila...a new party idea is born!


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