a Cheap Holiday

Cheap Holiday

Welcome to a cheap holiday in my life. At least you get to go home at the end of the day!

Friday, October 25, 2002

I attended a lovely wine event at the UPenn Museum of Archeology + Anthropology, the Wines of Antiquity. The event was held in the Egyptian and Chinese galleries, which includes gorgeous Buddhist statuary and ancient sarcophagi. The event included food, beer, wine, face painting (hmmm, I'm not sure how that relates to ancient Roman wine-making techniques, but, ok), and a lecture and tasting of Italian wines. It seems that wine tasting events attract a pleasant, warm, and physically attractive group. Or maybe that applies to this particular charitable organization. The distribution of age ranges seemed quite even and people seemed knowledgeable and educated without being stuffy. I struck up a conversation with several people and handed out my personal card. The next wine tasting I'll be attending will be with the Wine Brats group in Philly. Hopefully that one will be as lively and pleasant.


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