a Cheap Holiday

Cheap Holiday

Welcome to a cheap holiday in my life. At least you get to go home at the end of the day!

Saturday, October 26, 2002

The ever-magnificent Princess came to town to visit last night, after apparently a very stressful day at work. So it was incumbent upon me to soothe her frazzled nerves. Upon a friend's recommendation, I took her to Los Catrines Tequilas, a gorgeous upscale Mexican restaurant. The thing I've always loved about Princess is her ability to put me in situations where I have to exercise my lax flirting and social skills. In an effort to secure a bartender to get a pair of tasty margaritas, she pushed me in the direction of "the guy with the leather coat." This ended up being a good choice, because not only was the gentleman in question helpful in procuring our drinks, both he and his friend were fashionable, humorous, educated, courteous, extremely drunk, and fun. After Princess and I dined on delicious langostinos and flounder, we hung out with the boys for a glass of port (Princess has discovered she doesn't have much fondness for port), before sticking our heads into 1616 Locust, the current hottest dance spot in town. 1616 Locust used to be The Locust Club, an upper class businessman's club, where the finest white men of Philadelphia would gather for drinks, cigars, and a refined escape from their Main Line wives. As a result, the space is gorgeous, with giant ornate wooden bars, marble or carpeted floors, and five levels of space. I hope the operators are able to keep the night-time action happening without too much damage to the gorgeous infrastructure of the building. And the DJs were pretty damn good too. One of the things I love the best about the DJ and dance scene in Philly is that it's fairly integrated. Down South or even in Washington, D.C., people tend to stick to "their" club - basically, the one where everyone else looks like them. But in Philly, people tend to mix it up a bit, which makes things lively. I think it's excellent irony that what was once a bastion of light skin privilege and socioeconomic exclusivity is now home to house, trance, hip-hop, hootchies, and playas.


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