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Cheap Holiday

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Sunday, October 06, 2002

This week's movie review is Secretary.

I first heard about "Secretary" about six months ago and have been mad for its release ever since. (In case you're wondering whether that means I have my own dominance/submission fantasies, the answer to that would be a "yesyesYESSSSSSS!") The fact that the movie was getting fairly good reviews across the board only increased my anticipation.

I'm here to say that "Secretary" is an absolutely delightful - and wondefully hot - love story. Once again James Spader reigns supreme in the role of sexual deviant who is actually terribly vulnerable (does anyone remember his fabulously William F. Buckleyesque turn in Pretty in Pink?) Maggie Gyllenhaal is luminous as Lee Holloway, alternately funny, childish, courageous, and broken. I'm told that the original short story by Mary Gaitskill is more painful and desparate, but director Steven Shainberg and screenwriter Erin Cressida Wilson have given the film a lovely sense of humor and lightness, while still maintaining a lot of emotional depth. I was tempted to stay for a second showing straight.


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